Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Download Video from YouTube (

Step 1: Go to the following site & Download "Java"

Step 2: Install ''Java'' to your computer

Step 2: Then Go to this website-

Step 3: Copy & Paste the YouTube video URL that you wish to download in "Enter Video URL or Search here"

Example of YouTube Video URL:  

Step 4: Then "Download Links" shows & Click any of the following type of video to Download
                      ›› Download FLV ‹‹ - 240p
                      ›› Download FLV ‹‹ - 360p
                      ›› Download FLV ‹‹ - 480p
                      ›› Download MP4 ‹‹ - (Max 480p)
                      ›› Download WebM ‹‹ - 360p
                      ›› Download WebM ‹‹ - 480p
                      ›› Download 3GP ‹‹ - 144p
                      ›› Download 3GP ‹‹ - 240p
I think it is the easiest way to Download Video from YouTube (

Enjoy video. Thanks.

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  1. Hi there... Thanks for this article it's very helpful! :)
    I'd like to ask for your opinion about something... a friend from work keeps on insisting that the most easy way to download videos is with "torch browser". I guess it's a new product... ^^ Have you heard about it? Would you recommend it?

  2. Hey man, thanks a lot, I’ve been trying to find a good app for torrents recently, though I really don’t wanna pay for it.
    Someone recommended to me about a browser called torch and before I’ll check it out, do you mind letting me know what you think about it..?

    Thanks again!

    1. Dear Mr. Jarod, you can try with

  3. utorrent is familiar and I know it. I want something new... did you try torch?